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HEY! We view social media as a world-wide digital party happening 24/7, and want to deliver your unique flavor to your audience. We're here to make this journey less daunting and shine a light on your business.

Sophia El'Rae

Sophia El'Rae

Founder | Photographer | Writer

Sophia El'Rae is a photographer, writer and founder of Sophia El'Rae Digital Agency. Her exquisite knack for revealing beauty in everyday moments first manifested in a lifestyle blog where visitors were enchanted by her lush imagery and whimsical-vintage inspired aesthetic. She soon garnered the attention of brands wanting to work with her. Sophia's background as a blogger and influencer gives her a deep understanding of the social media landscape. She knows how to showcase products in a way consumers relate to and are inspired by. Sophia loves seeing a client's eyes light up when they share the story behind their brand. She lives with her children and husband in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota and loves traveling for work.

Paige Carrol

Paige Carroll

Creative Director | Ideation | Communication

Paige is a creative ideation genius and expert in communications. Since Paige was young shes loved refining and developing ideas. Paige was always thinking of creative ways to make those refining touches really pop—in order to grow a simplistic concept into something truly tangible. In Paige's words: 'Everyone has passing thoughts like Oh that would be an amazing product, or if only this could be like that. I get a rush bringing those ideas to life—helping brands connect the dots by not being afraid to ask simple questions like what if? Paige is energized by polishing ideas, finding new and old inspirations and empowering collaboration + connection between brands and their audience.